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Digital Aerial Surveys

Thanks to our vertical consulting units operating in all market sectors, we create numerical and thematic cartography and topo-cartographic databases, compliant to current national and international standards. We provide survey services and digitization of network infrastructures by implementing asset inventory, digital twin & management systems.

Topographic Database

MERMEC Engineering provides comprehensive Topographic database services to support efficient environmental, territorial, and infrastructural planning.
Our TopoCartographic Database is structured in Strata, Themes, and Classes and is updated with the latest technical cartography.
It is used as a geographical base of reference in Territorial Information Systems, following INSPIRE/AGID/IntesaGis standards and the GeoUML Methodology (DPCM November 10, 2011).
With our high-quality Topographic database services, we provide accurate and up-to-date information for the efficient and effective planning, design, and execution of construction projects.
Our services are instrumental in reducing project costs, enhancing safety, and improving overall project outcomes.
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Asset Inventory & Management

At MERMEC Engineering, we help companies manage their physical infrastructures efficiently and innovatively.
We provide aerial and ground surveys, digitization, and georeferencing services for network infrastructures such as water, railway, and road networks, using advanced technologies such as optical sensors, airborne Lidar, and 3D mobile mapping systems.
Our processing and georeferencing activities are carried out with state-of-the-art software solutions, and our continuously updated WebGIS allows for easy access and consultation of the data.
We also offer the creation of a digital twin of the infrastructures acquired, which optimizes their management and maintenance and adds further value to our service.
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Water Management

MERMEC Engineering offers comprehensive water management services that enable efficient and effective water resource management.
Our integrated solution aligns with ARERA Resolution 917/2017 to regulate the technical quality of the Integrated Water Service through Macro Technical Quality Indicators.
Our innovative WebGIS-oriented application platform is equipped with fast, intuitive, and adaptable interfaces that integrate data from all sources, ensuring broad and wide IoT connectivity.
This platform provides predictive indications on water resource protection and carries out simulations and analysis to support intervention planning and programming.
Our services enable you to manage water resources more efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.
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Decision Support System

MERMEC Engineering provides advanced GIS technologies and tools to support local administrations in managing and preserving the environment.
Our Environment services process timely and accurate territorial data to create a sustainable ecosystem for the community.
MERMEC Engineering specializes in designing, building, and implementing advanced Decision Support Systems (DSS) that enable efficient and effective management of smart cities and protection of the territory against environmental hazards.
Our DSS solutions provide decision-makers with a range of valuable tools to enhance citizen safety, optimize Public Administration processes, and improve the quality of environmental monitoring.
With a focus on forest fire prevention, hydrogeological risk management, and environmental law enforcement, our DSS solutions provide real-time forecasting and monitoring capabilities to ensure timely and effective responses to emergencies.
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