MERMEC ENGINEERING has developed, as part of a demonstration for firefighters, the VVF-VR solution: an IT solution in a Virtual Reality environment that will enable the training and education of firefighters in coping with emergencies, obtaining advantages in terms of safety, cost-effectiveness, speed, and autonomy.

In the study of the solution, as in most emergency scenarios in which the firefighting corps finds itself operating, the availability of effective radio communication systems capable of not engaging the hands is essential to contribute substantially to the effectiveness, and sometimes the success, of the mission. Therefore, MERMEC ENGINEERING specialists have pursued developments in this direction and devised AI-VOX, a technology to aid voice communication via handheld transceiver in hands-free mode, based on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.

This innovation will make it possible to distinguish the presence of the human voice from sounds and noises of different types, enable better selectivity and rejection of interfering sounds, and improve the stability of the transmission activation state.