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AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Distributed Analysis) is a modular AI platform that analyzes video streams in real time and provides high standards of efficiency, flexibility and security.


In compliance with GDPR and thanks to an innovative integrated multi-camera system, AIDA classifies and tracks objects, individuals and behaviors, physical spaces and sound sources, enabling greater understanding of specific environments, dynamics and contexts.

Analisi precisa

Accurately analyzes surveillance video and images from specialized vision sensors.


Generates customizable notifications, alerts and alarms in combination with external data.

tempo reale

Exposes collected data in real time or exports it to ensure integration with other systems.


AIDA contributes to improved decision-making processes and can be used in multiple policy areas: from surveillance of industrial sites and critical infrastructure to public transportation, rail and road management, from aerial and satellite land observations to urban planning, and from logistics, manufacturing, telecommunications and motorsports.

Normative GDPR

Complies with GDPR EU 2016/679 regulations and can be amended to comply with any additional privacy regulations.

Security by Design

It is designed with Security by Design approach to ensure high resilience in case of cyber attacks and possible anomalies.

IEC 62443 Security

It operates in accordance with IEC 62443 Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems: Technical Security Requirements for IACS Components standard.

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