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NOAH is an advanced dynamic measurement system for moving goods made to bring technological and digital innovation to the world of logistics

t is simple to install, easy to handle, reliable in measurement, fast in operation, and complies with the requirements of the MID MI-009 directive for multidimensional measuring instruments.

It enables real-time collection and analysis of accurate, extensive, transparent, up-to-date and easily shared data, facilitates control of both Inbound and Outbound flows, and optimizes warehouse and transportation activities.

Installabile su una o più vie di passaggio

It can be installed on one or more pathways identified within the warehouse or on the loading ramp.


It is compatible with the main types of bases. Eg: 80x120, 120x100, 60x80, 120x120, 155x215, 87x200 cm.

Utilizzabile con i mezzi di movimentazione in uso

It can be used with the handling equipment in use (Transpallet-Trolleys).

Disponibile in versione per singola o doppia baia

It is available in single or double bay versions.


The tailor-made system
to integrate the data
real in the supply chain

NOAH interfaces directly with WMS or TMS software via Ethernet TCP/IP communication protocol.

It is open to integrations with warehouse or transportation management systems and provides a competitive advantage in terms of reduced labor time and cost.

  • Precision
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity

Noah enables to:

Determinare il costo del servizi

Determine the cost of transportation service based on an actual volume or pondovolumetric figure


Plan trips and loads, depending on available volumes for better vehicle saturation

Abbattere il costo delle anomalie

Making warehouse management more efficient by better allocating volumes in available cells

Diminuire i tempi di lavoro e i costi operativi

Decrease work time and operating costs by implementing automated and fast processes

Gestione dei magazzini

Making warehouse management more efficient by better allocating volumes in available cells

A User Friendly

  • 1. Pallet pickup
  • 2. Code reading
  • 3. Enabling the measure
  • 4. Continuation of the normal process

The customer voice

  • Tecnosistemi Group


    "Thanks to Noah, it is possible to have greater control over transportation costs, faster shipment times for goods, and greater bargaining power over our transportation service providers."

    Anna Munari

    Chief Executive Officer Tecnosystemi S.p.A.

  • Taffarello


    "Noah has resulted in an average, year-over-year saving of 8% on transportation expenses and improved relationships with business partners."

    Lara Taffarello

    Chief Executive Officer Taffarello S.p.A.

  • Zanardo Servizi Logistici

    Contract Logistics Trasporto

    "Zanardo Logistics Services decided to invest in Noah in order to have instrumentation that would allow us to give a correct view of the volumes, and possibly even the weights, of our customers' products."

    Damaso Zanardo

    President Zanardo Servizi Logistici S.p.A.


    Contract Logistics

    "Thanks to Noah, BCube has been able to give its customers, an additional value-added service by monitoring distribution costs dynamically and efficiently."

    Marco Hosp

    Commercial Developer BCube

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