MERMEC Engineering is proud to announce the first positive results of the testing of App Ulia, an innovative mobile application that revolutionizes the traceability of extra virgin olive oil produced in Puglia. Officially presented in Bari, these results mark a significant step in the transparency and enhancement of oil from monumental olive trees. App Ulia allows consumers to access all information about the oil they purchase by scanning a QR code placed on the collar of the bottles.

This feature not only ensures complete traceability of the product, but also allows consumers to view details such as a photo of the olive tree from which the oil comes, details of the harvesting, milling and bottling process, and information about the farms involved.

The press conference presenting the results was held at the conference room of the Department of Agriculture, with the participation of important institutional figures and the MERMEC Engineering team.

“The adoption of App Ulia reflects our commitment to innovation and sustainability, demonstrating how technology can be a valuable ally in protecting traditions and promoting the quality of the territory,” said Apollonia Netti, Software Development & System Integration Manager. “This tool not only boosts consumer confidence but also promotes greater awareness of Puglia’s olive-growing heritage.”

The trial will continue through 2024, involving additional farms and expanding the database for even more detailed and reliable traceability.

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