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Aerospace, Defense
and Advanced

We identify appropriate solutions for complex problems by providing modern technologies and specialized services that can improve safety, reliability, efficiency, and performance for the aerospace, defense, and manufacturing sectors.
With our well-established engineering and technology know-how, we offer consultancy to help organizations refine industrial production processes and seize the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence, guiding them toward operational excellence and continuous innovation.

Aereospaziale & Difesa
Antenna Design & Siting

Antenna engineering
and placement

We design passive and active antennas from HF band to W band. We assist the customer in all stages of the project:

  • Requirements definition starting from use case analysis
  • design using electromagnetic simulation tools
  • Prototyping and performance verification by testing
  • Industrialization of the design for massive productions

We verify/optimize the installation of antennas on complex platforms in order to minimize the distortion of radiation patterns and interference with other systems.

Telecommunications and Radiocommunications
(Link Design)

We design and build complex infrastructures for stable, secure, long-distance radio links on platforms with space, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints. For example, satellites and autonomous ground and surface air vehicles. All while ensuring full functional compatibility among the multiple radio frequency sources on board.
We analyze existing radio infrastructure for performance improvement or critical issue resolution.

Radio Communication  Link Design
EM & RF  Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility

We provide expert assistance on all aspects ofElectromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), in sectors such as automotive, marine, aviation, and space. We use advanced tools to solve complex problems and reduce the risk of interference and failure, while meeting set standards.

Radar systems

We design, develop, and test radar systems for the security market segment, focusing on high-resolution applications, sensor networks, modern modulation techniques, MIMO architectures, and real-time signal and image processing. Our services cover every step of the process, system analysis and design, hardware, firmware, commissioning, integration and production. Our services include RAM and security analysis, requirements specification, and design of radar signal and image processing algorithms.

Radar System

Computer vision

Our Computer Vision technology spans a broad spectrum of capabilities, including object and individual identification and tracking, image segmentation, classification, and facial and abnormal behavior recognition. We act on applications ranging from advanced surveillance to automated quality control. Our platform ensures real-time operations, respect for privacy and high security, adapting perfectly to any integration needs.


Multifunctional AI platform for video analysis
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Augmented / virtual reality

Leveraging our expertise in CAD design and GIS systems, we develop augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions that improve situational awareness for different types of customers and users. Our applications are suitable for different sectors, including industrial machine operators, infrastructure inspectors, and health and safety professionals working in hazardous environments. With AR and VR, users can interact with environments, objects, and computer-generated data in real time, improving their ability to make informed decisions, reduce errors, and increase overall safety.

Augmented Reality
Autonomous Navigation

Autonomous navigation systems

We develop autonomous navigation systems to move safely in complex and dynamic environments, reducing dependence on human intervention. Unmanned vehicles leverage advanced navigation algorithms and feature customizable driving functions, high-performance technology components, sensors, and innovative on-board computers.

3D Simulators

We create and customize three-dimensional digital environments to simulate real or potential situations, giving the opportunity to interact with complex scenarios, such as those related to air traffic, public transportation, and vehicles. We provide accurate simulations that enable safe and cost-effective evaluation of solutions, interventions, and projects.

3D Simulation
Droni Tecnologia

Drone engineering and
autonomous swarm design

We design drones equipped with advanced sensors, cameras and high-performance instrumentation, integrating autonomous navigation algorithms to perform inspection, surveillance, real-time monitoring and aerial mapping with maximum efficiency and safety. Thanks to techniques such as visual odometry and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), our drones operate effectively in both indoor and outdoor environments while complying with current regulations. These capabilities are crucial for applications in logistics, surveillance and emergency services, ensuring safe unmanned aerial operations that meet regulatory standards.




NOAH is a revolutionary dynamic measurement system for smart logistics based on sophisticated computer vision algorithms, designed to accurately detect the actual volume and maximum footprint of moving pallets without disrupting daily operations. With its ability to interface with WMS or TMS software and weighing systems, it offers a complete solution for volume and weight data management. NOAH improves operational efficiency, reduces costs and time, with transparent and easily shared data.

Advanced Computer Vision
for the fashion industry

We provide tailored solutions by leveraging advanced AI algorithms for the automatic recognition and classification of defects at any point in the fashion production process. Using the same approach, we develop solutions that enable the most efficient identification and categorization of garments, shoes, and accessories by optimizing production and industrial processes.


Temera and MERMEC Engineering launch t!Upcycling
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Consulenza strumenti Intelligienza Artificiale

Quality control
for manufacturing

We provide enterprises with modern AI applications for the detection and recognition of defects in raw materials used in production areas. We transform traditional work processes based on arbitrary criteria and, with tailored solutions, reduce the rate of errors and delays within supply chains.

Implement Artificial Intelligence
in your business

Leveraging knowledge and expertise in the use of Machine learning and Deep learning techniques, as well as experience gained in different contexts, we address AI-based solutions that deliver competitive advantages in terms of increased productivity, criticality resolution, and business process optimization.


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