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We leverage advanced technologies to optimize land governance processes and the delivery of essential services to create a new relationship between public administration and citizenship to foster transparency, efficiency and innovation.

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AIDA (Distributed Analytics with Artificial Intelligence) is a modular AI platform that analyzes video streams in real time. In compliance with GDPR, it classifies and tracks objects, individuals and behaviors, physical spaces and sound sources, generating notifications, alerts and alarms.

Urban Planning

We create interactive virtual environments, three-dimensional land representations and urban modeling processes using data obtained through the Mobile Mapping System and Georadar. We provide a complex of up-to-date information to support urban planning activities and environmental impact assessments.

Urban Planning
Soluzioni per Controllo Evasione

Solutions to contrast
tax evasion

With a platform updated through aerophotogrammetric surveys and based on WebGIS, we provide support for countering tax evasion and avoidance. By mapping tax objects in a georeferenced manner and cross-referencing available data, we can identify inconsistencies through cadastral and toponymic references and spatial overlaps.

Topographic Database

We facilitate and secure land management and construction work with accurate and well-structured topographic databases. To do this we use the latest cartographic technologies, Spatial Information Systems data, and follow INSPIRE/AGID/IntesaGis standards and GeoUML Methodology. We develop algorithms to automatically extract assets and catalog them.

Topographic Database

Asset Inventory, Management & Digital Twin

We deal with geo-referenced asset representation for efficient and secure management of physical networked infrastructure, such as water, rails and road networks. We use advanced technologies and application software solutions for data collection, digitization activities and innovative "digital twin" service.

Support System

We design a unique technology infrastructure to facilitate strategic and operational decisions by analyzing complex data and providing simulation models and predictive algorithms useful for protecting against environmental hazards, mitigating hydrogeological risks, and promoting sustainability practices.

Decision Support System
Controllo Traffico

Traffic control

Our traffic control solution, based on artificial intelligence and computer vision, optimizes safety and urban flow in real time. Leveraging video surveillance circuits, it integrates advanced sensors and algorithms to dynamically analyze and manage traffic, reducing congestion and improving mobility. This intelligent system enables rapid decisions, elevating road safety and route efficiency.

Waste Management

With an automated and centralized system that unifies all relevant information, we make waste management more efficient. We acquire, process, and manage data through smart collection sensors and tracking and monitoring systems, and then improve service quality and implement reward policies.

Gestione rifiuti
Water Management

Water Resources Management

We make water resource management safer, more efficient and sustainable. Using a WebGIS oriented application platform, we offer an innovative, integrated solution in line with ARERA Resolution 917/2017 to collect data, leverage IoT connectivity, and provide predictive guidance, simulations, and in-depth analysis.

Mobile app development

We develop mobile applications integrating 5G for real-time data processing, blockchain for unparalleled security, ideal for use in public administration, smart cities, environmental monitoring and more. Leveraging the latest UI/UX, AI, IoT and augmented reality design technologies, we create innovative and user-friendly solutions that promote efficiency and transparency.

App development

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