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Smart City
& Mobility

With innovative software and cutting-edge AI-based technologies, we implement e-government models for local governments. We address traffic and mobility, transportation and security, counter tax evasion, tourism, and environmental sustainability practices.




AIDA (Distributed Analytics with Artificial Intelligence) is a modular AI platform that analyzes video streams in real time. In compliance with GDPR, it classifies and tracks objects, individuals and behaviors, physical spaces and sound sources, generating notifications, alerts and alarms.

Fleet monitoring
with computer vision

Our fleet monitoring solution, powered by AI and computer vision, represents the pinnacle in local public transportation management. Through advanced analytics and genetic algorithms, we effectively identify inefficiencies and trouble spots in fleet operations, allowing us to intervene with targeted corrective actions. This intelligent system enables strategic redesign of bus routes, optimization of schedules and routes, ensuring optimal time management and significant reduction in operating costs.

Monitoraggio delle flotte  con computer vision
Radar System

Radar systems

We design, develop, and test radar systems for the security market segment, focusing on high-resolution applications, sensor networks, modern modulation techniques, MIMO architectures, and real-time signal and image processing. Our services cover every stage of the process, system analysis and design, hardware, firmware, commissioning, integration and production. This is complemented by RAM and security analysis, requirements specification, and design of radar signal and image processing algorithms.

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Smart City & Mobilità

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