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Through the acquisition and processing of complex data, we generate detailed three-dimensional reconstructions to optimize and secure the management of environmental areas and critical infrastructure (stations, airports, highways, hospitals, aqueducts).

Ambiente & Infrastrutture
Environment (monitoraggio ambientale)

Environmental monitoring

We leverage GIS (Geographic Information System) technologies to ensure a dynamic, detailed, three-dimensional view of the territory. We use real-time monitoring systems, data collected by ground-based or airborne instruments, and predictive models to plan prevention and/or emergency management interventions.

Digital aerial surveys

To efficiently prevent and manage natural hazards and potential damage to critical infrastructures (Stations, Airports, Highways, Hospitals, Aqueducts) we provide advanced sensing and tracking services, acquire and analyze complex data, and design advanced systems to create, in accordance with current national and international standards, digitized land reconstructions. We apply computer vision algorithms (machine learning and deep learning) to automatically segment assets.

Digital Aerial Surveys
Decision Support System

Decision support

We design a unique technology infrastructure to facilitate strategic and operational decisions by analyzing complex data and providing simulation models and predictive algorithms useful for protecting against environmental hazards, mitigating hydrogeological risks, and promoting sustainability practices.


We facilitate and secure land management and construction work with accurate and well-structured topographic databases. To do this we use the latest cartographic technologies, Spatial Information Systems data, and follow INSPIRE/AGID/IntesaGis standards and GeoUML Methodology. We develop algorithms to automatically extract assets and catalog them.

Topographic Database
Incendi boschivi

Forest Fire Suppression (DSS)

We offer an innovative platform for monitoring and combating forest fires, integrated with advanced GIS technologies and simulation algorithms.

Our solution enables:

  • Monitoring and intervention - acquisition and processing of georeferenced spatial data to support prevention activities and early intervention.
  • Operations management - comprehensive workflow for management of alerts, coordination of personnel and ground and air assets.
  • Analysis and visualization - mapping tools for analysis of disaster events, telemetry networks, and deployment of assets.
  • Post-emergency analysis - assessment of the extent of operations, extent of affected areas, and estimation of environmental damage.

Hydrogeological risk

We provide specialized applications and expertise to verify and assess the risk of landslides, floods, coastal erosion, subsidence, and avalanches. We acquire data through aerial-photogrammetric and terrestrial surveys and use advanced tools for land monitoring, analysis of exposed areas, and planning of structural interventions.

Dissesto idrogeologico
Protezione civile

DSS System for Civil Protection

It is the Decision Support System for civil protection operators.

  • Facilitates the intervention procedures of the regional SOUP/SORI for the management of resources and means in the activities of overcoming the disaster event
  • Allows the census, according to guidelines, of planning data at the various levels: territorial data on risks, anthropogenic vulnerabilities, exposed that contribute to the creation of a unified cognitive framework and the definition of intervention models and operational procedures
  • Facilitates the monitoring and warning functions of the CFD (Decentralized Functional Center).

Antenna engineering and placement

We design passive and active antennas from HF band to W band. We assist the customer in all stages of the project:

  • Requirements definition starting from use case analysis
  • design using electromagnetic simulation tools
  • Prototyping and performance verification by testing
  • Industrialization of the design for massive productions
  • We verify/optimize the installation of antennas on complex platforms in order to minimize the distortion of radiation patterns and interference with other systems.
Sensor Antenna
Communication  Link Design

Telecommunications and Radiocommunications
(Link Design)

We design and build complex infrastructure for stable, secure, long-distance radio links on platforms with space, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints. For example, satellites and autonomous ground and surface air vehicles. All while ensuring full functional compatibility among the multiple radio frequency sources on board. We analyze existing radio infrastructure for performance improvement or critical issue resolution.

and asset tracking

We provide innovative support for the digitization and monitoring of network infrastructure, with state-of-the-art software solutions for data acquisition and processing, data management and georeferencing. With our WebGIS, in particular, we provide a secure, constantly updated and easy-to-use tool.

Asset digitalization & monitoring

Digital Twin

With state-of-the-art sensing and digitization technologies, we provide digital (Digital Twin), dynamic and detailed representations of network infrastructure, enabling more accurate performance analyses and and performing insights and simulations on possible changes, for safer and more efficient overall management.

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