SIT has concluded the technological innovation project D-SysCom (Data System Platform for Smart Communities) which has turned Nardò (Le), Conversano (Ba) and Noci (Ba) into smart cities. The aim of the project was to increase the efficiency and the shared intelligence of the territory and to support public administrations in their management, planning, design and information activities addressed to citizens.
In particular, the activity linked to the D-SysCom platform was developed along the three axes of Smart Building (management of public real estate, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability in Nardò), Smart Social (enhancing the efficiency of social assistance services in Noci) and Smart City (optimisation and innovation of municipal public services in Conversano).
Co-funded by Apulia Region, through the public notice “Innolabs”, D-SysCom was implemented by an all-Apulian team, consisting of the project leader, SIT – Servizi di Informazione Territoriale srl, the partner companies and the research organisation Università del Salento.