“E-crops – Technologies for Sustainable Digital Agriculture” is the project presented by SIT jointly with prestigious partners from the corporate and research world and recently financed by MIUR (the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research). E-crops, which refers to the area of Agrifood Specialization Area, intends to develop and integrate new technologies in order to promote the transition from precision agriculture towards Agriculture 4.0, in close connection with Industry 4.0. Moreover, the project aims to allow the automation of processes in a framework of agri-environmental sustainability by means of intelligent networks and data management tools (digital agriculture). The project also includes the development of decision-making support tools to manage the spatial variability of the field for both the enhancement of the final product quality and the management optimization in terms of sustainability (on industrial supply chains). The market and employment effects are: new markets for technology manufacturers; increased competitiveness and profitability associated with the inclusion of new professional profiles in the staff; opportunities for the creation of start-ups connecting technology and agriculture.