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AI, Computer Vision
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Using AI solutions and cutting-edge technologies, we optimize production activities and improve decision-making processes for civil and military authorities, companies and professionals.

AI, Computer Vision and Applied  Electromagnetics

Computer vision

Our Computer Vision technology spans a broad spectrum of capabilities, including object and individual identification and tracking, image segmentation, classification, and facial and abnormal behavior recognition. We act on applications ranging from advanced surveillance to automated quality control. Our platform ensures real-time operations, respect for privacy and high security, adapting perfectly to any integration needs.


Multifunctional AI platform for video analysis
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Machine and Deep Learning

We leverage Machine learning and Deep learning techniques to process complex data collected from advanced sensors and precision instrumentation, ensuring accurate, timely and easy to interpret information. We are thus able to support decision-making processes, improve the execution of planned interventions, and reduce operational costs

Compatibilità EM & RF
Realtà Virtuale e Aumentata

Virtual / Augmented Reality

Leveraging our expertise in CAD design and GIS systems, we develop augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions that improve situational awareness for different types of clients and users. Our applications are suitable for various sectors, including industrial machine operators, infrastructure inspectors, and health and safety professionals working in hazardous environments. With AR and VR, users can interact with environments, objects, and computer-generated data in real time, improving their ability to make informed decisions, reduce errors, and increase overall safety.

Autonomous navigation systems

We develop autonomous navigation systems to operate in complex environments while minimizing human intervention. Autonomous vehicles are equipped with customizable guidance capabilities, on-board computers, and advanced technologies. They can acquire real-time information and support monitoring, surveillance, or transportation activities.

Navigazione autonoma

Digital Twin

With state-of-the-art sensing and digitization technologies, we provide digital, dynamic and detailed representations of network infrastructure, enabling more accurate performance analyses and and performing insights and simulations on possible changes, for safer and more efficient overall management.

Decision Support System

We design a unique technology infrastructure to facilitate strategic and operational decisions by analyzing complex data and providing simulation models and predictive algorithms useful for protecting against environmental hazards, mitigating hydrogeological risks, and promoting sustainability practices.

Support System

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