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Acquiring, analyzing
and distributing
geospatial business

We acquire, process and analyze geographic and spatial data to produce three-dimensional land reconstructions and detailed map databases.

Acquiring, analyzing and distributing  geospatial business  intelligence
Antenna Design & Siting

Engineering and
antenna placement

We design passive and active antennas from HF band to W band. We assist the customer in all stages of the project:

  • Requirements definition starting from use case analysis
  • Design using electromagnetic simulation tools
  • Prototyping and performance verification by testing
  • Industrialization of the design for massive productions
  • We verify/optimize the installation of antennas on complex platforms in order to minimize the distortion of radiation patterns and interference with other systems.

EM & RF Compatibility

We provide expert assistance on all aspects ofElectromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), in sectors such as automotive, marine, aviation, and space. We use advanced tools to solve complex problems and reduce the risk of interference and failure, while meeting set standards.

Compatibilità EM & RF
Telecomunicazioni e Comunicazioni Radio

Telecommunications and Radiocommunications
(Link Design)

We design and build complex infrastructure for stable, secure, long-distance radio links on platforms with space, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints. For example, satellites and autonomous ground and surface air vehicles. All while ensuring full functional compatibility among the multiple radio frequency sources on board.
We analyze existing radio infrastructure for performance improvement or critical issue resolution.

Radar systems

We design, develop, and test radar systems for the security market segment, focusing on high-resolution applications, sensor networks, modern modulation techniques, MIMO architectures, and real-time signal and image processing. Our services cover every stage of the process, system analysis and design, hardware, firmware, commissioning, integration and production. This is complemented by RAM and security analysis, requirements specification, and design of radar signal and image processing algorithms.

Progettiamo Sistemi Radar
Rilievo Aereo Digitale

Digital Aerial Survey

To efficiently prevent and manage natural hazards and potential damage to critical infrastructure (Stations, Airports, Highways, Hospitals, Aqueducts) we provide advanced sensing and tracking services, acquire and analyze complex data, and design advanced systems to create, in accordance with current national and international standards, digitized land reconstructions.

GIS for Spatial Analysis

Starting with the acquisition and processing of complex data, we create detailed three-dimensional spatial reconstructions and produce accurate map databases to support and refine decision-making processes, governance strategies, and the development of smart cities.


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