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Who we are

MERMEC Engineering was created to bring scientific and engineering excellence to strategic realities and industries, tackling the most complex challenges of our time with an eye to the future.


We provide our clients with integrated and advanced solutions to deal with transportation and mobility, aerospace and defense, cybersecurity, smart cities, and manufacturing and production activities.

To accelerate technological innovation, we deal with data acquisition and processing, image and signal processing, and their integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

We are constantly focused on the needs and goals of our clients and provide innovative, targeted and customized services and products.

Our story

For more than 30 years, we have been developing cutting-edge solutions for rail and steel industries, businesses and organizations, and public administrations. Our team consists of more than 60 specialists with experience in national and international settings. We have in-depth skills and knowledge in technology and information technology, a strong mathematical, physical and engineering background, and a corporate culture focused on continuous innovation.

We differ from other suppliers in one specific respect: the ability to develop in-house all the software and equipment that form the core of our products and services.

Today we bring our know-how to major international consortia, global associations and within ambitious research programs.

Since 2022, together with all other MERMEC entities, we have been part of ANGEL, a leading Italian industrial group in global innovation.

Ricerca  & Sviluppo

& Development

We provide customers with technologically advanced solutions for today's needs, envisioning those of tomorrow.

To do so, we are constantly investing in R&D, with an approach marked by open innovation and proactive collaboration with cutting-edge realities and reliable partners.

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Management systems
and certifications

In accordance with all the principles of sustainability, and in line with other MERMEC Group companies (MER MEC SpA, MER MEC STE Srl, ANGELSTAR Srl), we are regularly striving to improve the quality of our work and to obtain system certifications in accordance with international ISO standards.



ISO 14001    [ITA]

ISO 45001    [ITA]

ISO SA 8000    [ITA]

ISO 30415 and UNI/PdR 125    [ITA]

ISO 27001    [ITA]

ISO 9001    [ITA]

Product Policy    [ITA]    [ENG]

Ethic Code    [ITA]

Sustainable procurement    [ITA]    [ENG]

Supplier Code of Conduct    [ITA]    [ENG]


Our commitment to better work, in a fairer world

We chose to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management system, with the involvement of all stakeholders, moved by a deep motivation that is well rooted in our corporate history.

We want all workers at Mermec Engineering, wherever they work and in whatever country they are located, to be assured of fair treatment marked by criteria of transparency and equity, in line with the most up-to-date requirements of Ethical and Social Responsibility.

Whistleblower report forms

Reports may be made anonymously or with identification by using the following forms.


SA8000, ISO 30415, UNI/PdR 125

ISO 37001

LD 231/01


Fill this form only for reports and suggestions concerning:

SA8000 (e.g. Child labor, Forced or compulsory labor, Health & safety, Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, Discrimination, Disciplinary practices, Working time, Salary)

ISO 30415 (e.g. Discrimination in conflict with DE&I principles, Bullying, Harassment and microaggressions)

UNI/PdR 125 (e.g. Reports regarding gender equality issues, Harassment, Violence, Mobbing)

Fill this form only for reports and suggestions concerning ISO 37001, e.g. situations of corruption on the part of the company organization, company personnel and business partners.

Fill this form only for reports and suggestions concerning Legislative Decree 231/01 (e.g. Crimes against the Public Administration, Corporate crimes, Environmental crimes, Informatic fraud, Crimes against industry and commerce).

Fill this form for GENERAL reports and suggestions.

Responses to anonymous Whistleblower Reports

There are no anonymous reports.